2015 XS650 Calendar Proof and Pre-Sale Link

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Update 12/22/14

Place your pre-orders here: <link removed - sold out>


Finally after a computer crash and recreating the calendars, attached are the proofs of the calendar. For those in the calendar who didn't give me a specific location via email I just used the general location from your XS650.com profile... I think it is cool to see where all the bikes are from around the country and world!

If you would like to update your name/location/info please email me ASAP or forever hold your peace. I tweaked some of the descriptions so they would somewhat match the theme of the calendar just by adding/removing little things. I left all the main parts in. If you guys see any errors please kindly point them out. I want to send the file Tuesday if possible so we need to move quickly on edits.

There will be a Pre-Sale (Paypal) link on this thread and the Calendars will be on sale on the site after the pre sale. Calendars are first come first serve and will be shipped in the same order. As always, we have included an additional month for the following January (2016) Like this year, for those of you who ordered last year you still have an additional month for January 2015 to get you by:bike: Usually because we are behind the 8 ball for various reasons and this year is no different.

We will keep you posted on the progress!


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Thank you so much for all your effort in making this happen,
Hey guys. I've put an Add to Cart button at the top of the store page: http://www.xs650.com/store.php

This button is for Moran Design Company (samoran1) and all orders will be processed through him.

Thanks everyone for making this happen! It looks like it's going to be another great calendar! Be sure to order right away as the pre-order is only going to last a few days.
Wow the 2015 Calendar looks amazing, great effort to everyone who put it together and to all the bike owners...long live the 650!

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.

Ray Curran
Happy to be November.

Ordered 5 :)
I'm hoping that samoran1 will refund me a volume discount... hint hint.. If not, I'm glad to be a part of it anyways.
Just ordered a couple calendars, they look great!! On another note, I got all excited about the tee shirts, to no avail, every men's tee is sold out! Time to re-stock!!!
xsvjm1, the t-shirts are not stocked. Because of all of the shirt styles, sizes, and colors, they are sold in a pre-sale (like the calendar) and purchased in one big order from the printer to keep the cost down. The extras are posted on the store page and all that remains are a few women's t-shirts from the last sale. We've only had two t-shirt sales over the years, but I'll try to do them again in the spring. Now that you got me thinking about it, I'm going to reduce the price on the remaining women's tees by 50% and clean up that page a bit.
I stopped in to the printer today and looked at a printed hard proof. The calendar looks awesome!

However, the printer was having an issue with his machine so he wasn't able to get them printed today. I am hoping they are done early next week and I will get them shipped out ASAP after I get them in my hands.

As far as orders, we have an allotment of orders and I have ordered some extra for the orders that continue to trickle in. When they are gone they're gone, and there will be no second order runs.
I just flipped my 2014 calendars over to January, and there's Resto's excellent XS. If the 2015 calendars are as good as the current 2014 calendar I'd be tickled...
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