Yeah that's what I'm coming up with too. Johnnyc14's bike was never seconded probably because no picture was posted. We never got an accept from IronHeartCycles, jtziggy, or metal. And 660smc never accepted either, but his bike was in the 2016 calendar so it doesn't matter. So that means we only have 17 accepted bikes. I'd like to have a few more before posting the voting thread. I'll give it until Monday when I get back from being out of town and then I'll post the voting thread.

Guys, I understand we're past the original 7 day window. We don't need to keep quoting it. Read Travis' quote above. We're trying to get the best mix possible for the calendar. Normally we vote on 20+ bikes. Voting will start Monday. Besides, we're still 3 weeks ahead of last year.
I would like to nominate 2M's beautiful XS1.
.......if it is not too late to do so.
........if this bike has not already appeared in a previous calendar, of course.

Someday I hope to find one as nice.

It's not too late. Keep them coming. Nominations will be accepted until the voting thread is posted.
Huh? The "Green Slug"???
That poor thing's a barely rescued dilapidated chunk with a 50-yard paint job.
Every single, solitary part on that thing shows combat damage.

But, I'll accept.

Maybe you'd like a picture montage of some of the mods, to go with it?
"Combat Damage"? I thought we call it patina, here. :)

In your photo editing software, just push the "Sharpen Focus" dial to the left a little bit.
If you're nominating yourself phaedrus, I'll second it. That's a pretty cool
"brat-fe". And I really dig that color combo.
There are some beautiful restorations being nominated on here. As much as love a nice restoration, I gotta nominate some customs. A little diversity will make for a cooler calendar.... I think.
So I'm gonna go with phaedrus's brat-fe, Ryan's chop from Iron Heart Cycles, and I'm gonna throw mine in there for shits n' giggles;)
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*Edited with a clearer photo*
Also, I hope LeDom can finish his soon. That thing is looking really cool!
I second Iron Hearts chopper. Dig that think