2019 Great Smoky Mountain Rendezvous #24


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Coldwater, Mississippi
September 5th – 7th, 2019 Great Smoky Mountain Rendezvous #24, Townsend, TN.

Event HQ at the Talley Ho Inn, 8314 State Highway 73 (off Lamar Alexander Parkway) Townsend, Tennessee, 800.448.2465 www.talleyhoinn.com. We will have a Friday ride for the early birds. Register early for a great rate. Contact Camden Price #691, yamahashorty@yahoo.com. Great Smoky Mountain Rendezvous Coordinator, Tennessee State Member Coordinator 615.812.0650. Usually on the weekend after Labor Day.

This is a Yamaha 650 Society event.
Maybe next year if I can retire from my part time (need the money to pay off my Triump and buy a 1970 BSA B25).
I've been to it several times, and always had fun. I can't do it now because of the distance and limited time off. I'm committed to VYR in late Sept.

We lost the Dogwood Rally last year when I moved and no one would take it up. It looks like the Marlinton, WV rally just had its last as well. We need to support rallies if you want to have them to go to. Too far away? Start one!
I'll be at the Rendezvous. Camden has scouted a new road, as yet undiscovered by the baggers, sport cagers, and squids that infest 129, and every bit as challenging. (And no, you don't get pics or directions, you gotta be there!)