2021 XS650 calendar *OFFICIAL* Thread - PHASE 1: Nominations - Through Sept 13!

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If I may offer another, @bosco659
Gentlemen, I accept. Oh to be recognised in my own time!! That was not intended to be a calendar shot with the bin in the background but my kid thinks he's a pin up boy and that's plaudits enough! Bob, not even a Yammie could make me look like that these days but it's a nice thought.
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Nominating Apexdc and his Prom Queen racer revival.

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Willis is being super kind, but, since Prom Queen was honored last year, I will have to decline. I did just get my California plate, though!!! Motor is still full race, so it should be fun. Total loss ignition and no flywheel! Thanks again, guys!
I feel a little weird offering up a self nomination of another bike since I’ve already been nominated by others. Perhaps they could be offered up as a pair? Both bikes I’ve built, both ‘79’s, one a Standard the other a Special.
If it’s not allowed to have two nominations or two bikes in a single nomination, by all means ignore or remove my comment.

I’m very grateful for being nominated for my Bonnebobber! I offer up my Scrambler for consideration as well.

First, thank you for the nomination and second. I am honored and accept.
Second, I think kawabunga should be allowed to enter both of his bikes as a twofer. Think how cool and unique of a calendar picture it would be to have two nice bikes side by side. A calendar first. Anyways, I second his scrambler.
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