35 mm leading axle forks for disc brake.


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Tromsoe, Norway
As mentioned before, I have an ongoing 82 XT250 project (like I needed another project bike.....
Now, this little XT is a nice little bike, but with a really weak drum front brake. So an upgrade to a disc brake would be useful. As actual offroad riding is legally very limited in Norway, a conversion to a more street tracker type setup may be sensible, i.e 19" disc brake front wheel, with around 150 mm suspension travel.
The stock XT250 fork has 35 mm tubes, but has a leading axle setup. I have been thinking about using XS650 forks and a RD350 hub, but that would most likely result in too much trail and weird handling.
So ideally, a 35 mm leading axle fork from a cruiser/ custom type bike is most likely the best bet. Virago 750 has 38 mm tubes, Virago 500 has 36 mm, so neither of those are plug and play.
Any suggestions?