For Sale - 36 spoke DRUM REAR hub, needs work, $24 shipped


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Austin, Texas

I have a 36 spoke drum rear hub that needs a little LOVE, for $24 shipped to the lower 48, which is basically free after shipping costs. I might have to charge a couple bucks more for shipping if you are in a remote area of the far northeast or northwest. If you are close to Texas, I might be able to ship for a couple bucks less. I'll also ship internationally.

Needs new bearings. The brake lining is pretty rusty, but should be fine after blasting or wire-wheeling.
The main problem is that all of the sprocket bolts are broken. One is broken above the sprocket mounting surface. The other 5 are broken down in the threaded holes -- see pics below for clarity. The threads that are still accessible in these 5 holes are GOOD.
The approximate accessible depths of the 5 threaded holes with the recessed broken bolt remnants are:
14mm, 12mm, 12mm, 10mm, and 9mm

I hesitate to speak for @TwoManyXS1Bs, however, he once told me that the minimum thread depth for a drilled and tapped hole should be equal to the fastener diameter. Which in this case is 10mm. So, accordingly, 4 of the 5 recessed broken bolt holes are acceptable, and the 5th is only shy by 1mm.
I hope that all made sense. Be your own judge, but if it was me, I'd only worry about extracting the 6th broken bolt.
If you were to decide to extract all 6 broken bolts -- the threaded holes are through-drilled, so you can tackle a bolt remnant from both sides, or possibly get it moving and screw it through.

So there you go. I'm pretty much giving this away for nothing after shipping. I just want to see it go to a good home with someone willing to give it the TLC that it needs.