For Sale - 6-Piece Finned Valve/Points Covers

Appreciate the help Gary. No pics on a bike as we are still in the beginning process. Stay tuned, we're hoping to have some things figured in a couple of days. Thanks for the interest!
My thoughts are to have smooth fins with equal height along the radius of the covers. The points covers would likely follow the radius of the outer chamfer and not have the flat section in the middle. I was thinking about 1/2" - 3/4" deep fins that matched the thickness and separation of the stock ones? The ends would be square with the edges of the parts and have a nice radius down to blend very well.

So the way we'd do this, is once we have a firm price, we'd take deposits to get the project going, then when complete, just pay the rest. Pretty much like every other deal similar to this.
Be a lot more cost effective to have those investment cast... a rubber mold for the wax patterns is cheap (<$750) and then the castings get cheap fast...

Machining though, I wouldn't make them out of alu for less than $75 each unless you were talking about 25 pair or more.
I understand on this for sure. But we'd likely still have to have some machine work done after the castings to get them to fit properly. I looked into it, but there aren't any places local that do stuff like this. So machining it is.
Ok, so here's the list we have so far for interested parties.

1. madjap - out
3. zeroxs650 - out
4. Purcell
5. satch39 - PAID
6. RockingThePartyDJ - out
7. jtrip72 - interested
8. sinsai750 - out
9. crankel85
10. Mexiwop
11. txbluecollar - out
12. 2one7 chops - out
13. JoshieKona - waiting on insurance
14. jimmybrown78 - will buy a set
15. azman857
16. Scallywag303 - will buy a set
17. CBjamie - out
18. Sparky
19. schlakeandbake308 - out for now
20. 80brat
21. bkaushansky - PAID
22. fjzr04 -out
23. DIRTY DOG - out
24. Ranger - PAID
25. Tyler34t5p6 - out
26. CantGetRight - will buy a set
27. MplsMurr - out
28. Metal

We only need 6 more payments and we can start cranking them out!! I've received 3 payments so far, and 4 others committed to buying, so we're slowly gaining traction. once I receive payment for the first 10 sets, then I will get the machine shop working to crank them out quickly!!

If any of you vendors want to help sell them, let us know!!
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so just to update everyone. Still working on creating the right file and virtual machine programming so we can get a good run-time for quoting.

I'm going to head to his shop after work tomorrow to take him the head and valve cover for measurements and fit-up tests.

Also, we might have an option for black anodizing for those that want it. Since it's a bulk process, we'll need a minimum quantity of folks to make it worth the money.

Hope to have a price for everyone this week! Sorry for any delays, this just takes a little time since my CAD skills are non-existent at this point...