71' XS1-F with a pickup coil?? What is goin on...


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Hi Y'all,

I posted a few weeks ago with some wiring questions on my new-to-me XS650 chopper project, my pictures didn't upload so I'm gonna try again this time...but now I have a new dilemma - based on the serial stamped on the front of the engine, this is an XS1-F from 70 or 71. However, it has a pickup coil with the addition 3 wire loom with Orange, Black and Grey (White?) coming from the stator assembly. Before I go any further I need to figure out what the hell is going on here.

When I got this project, it came with the semi complete bike with a mounted engine (stamped for 1971) it also came with a "parts" engine mounted to a stand (stamped 1975) with a bunch of wiring insanity including a CDI box, single coil with dual output, some kind of relay and a switch all connected with aligator clips to a battery (nightmare). The parts engine on the stand is pictured above, and the first picture is what is on the mounted engine (both the same wiring with pickup coil etc).

When I opened up the engine that was mounted on the bike, it was clearly in way better shape and had been sealed up while the parts engine didnt have any side covers on and was pretty exposed to dust and debris, so I figured the one mounted was mounted for good reason. The engine that was mounted didn't have the points assembly, and it also didnt have the advance rod that goes inside the camshaft, but the engine on the stand did. So I took the points and advance assembly out, and im waiting on new cam seal bushings for the mounted engine so that the advance rod doesn't just wiggle around in there. I also have coils, and condenser coming to try and begin wiring everything.

I was planning on maybe using a solid state reg/rec that came with all the extra parts, but I looked up it's serial and its for an '81 lol. I've heard mixed feelings about using components like this for different years, some say its fine some say you shouldn't do it. I'm def going super budget for the moment and am just trying to get this thing to turn over so I can hear it run, it hasn't in probably 5 years or more.

Anyways I was looking and planning the reg/rec connections to the stator and I'm realizing that BOTH of these engines, allegedly from 70-71, and 75, both have pickup coils on the stator, which would mean it needed a TCI box which I thought didn't come around until the 80's? Idk maybe somebody has some insight. I know its a chopper and there are lots of purists on here which I totally respect! I am a DIY til I die but I don't wanna die on this thing so I want to make it as sketchy-safe as possible :)

Thanks y'all
Interesting. It's definitely a hybrid with later electrics on an earlier motor. I'll defer to the experts to be more specific for you about what you have.

Though I think the top end with the four bolt valve cover is later than XS1?
It's very possible. The original post said it was a '79, but I don't see any evidence of that haha. I'm hoping I can just remove the pickup coil from the stator and run points, but I'd love some second opinions.
It's very possible. The original post said it was a '79, but I don't see any evidence of that haha. I'm hoping I can just remove the pickup coil from the stator and run points, but I'd love some second opinions.
The four bolt valve cover arrived on the 650 with electric start being fitted. Later than XS1.

Given the pick up coil being good, in the absence of a Yamaha TCI box I would read up on using a Gonzo (GN250) ignition box if I were you. Good luck with it.

You'll also have to work out what rectifier and regulator you need.
Yes, that's an '80 and newer stator with the TCI pickup. It's a damn good ignition. It was Yamaha's first try at an electronic ignition and to be honest, they hit it out of the park on the first swing. Here... 40 some odd years later, it's still a damn good system. If it were me, I'd use it.

However, the rotor inside it is the old style without the TCI magnet, so it's not gonna work as it stands... there's no magnet. Does the other engine have a rotor on it?
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I wouldn't need the points...would I need to have the advance rod in the camshaft or would that eliminate the need for all components relating to the points system?
Yes, it eliminates all of that, including the advance rod.
That rotor has the magnet. You'll need to get in the books (and the TECH section here) and verify the rotor, pickup and stator are good, but if you also have the TCI coil and igniter box, you have everything you need.

Sweeeeet! I have the TCI box, and a solid state regulator that I ID'd from 81'. Is there a thread on hooking up the TCI box? I was so ready to be working with points in my head switching over to TCI is hard to imagine haha