72 XS2 rear 18" wheel on a hardtail question?


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Ok , so I think I've decided to go back to the idea of trying to put spoked wheels on my project. So you know the problem has been that the project bike is a 79 and the parts bike(that I got the rims from)is a 72. It was explained to me that I could not use the front wheel so to the placement of the brake rotor. Since then I have found a hub that will work and I will have the front wheel respoked with the new hub. Now on to the rear . The pic is with the rear 1972 wheel in place with the 79 axel. However there is a gap , and this is the problem . I don't want to assume (like I originally did with the front )that I can just get or make a spacer. Does anyone have any experience or wisdom they can offer me as how to get threw this problem . Also if anyone has a rear hub and spacers that will work and they are willing to sell and they don't want a whole bunch of money for I would be interested in hearing about that to. Thanks.


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Don't know how much further you've gotten on your project, but to answer one of your questions - yes you can just make a spacer. I've done just that on my project ride and it's working fine. I'm still finalizing the front end details, but I've ridden the jalopy quite a bit and it's safe.

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