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Found frayed throttle cables today. Source of "hanging idle" problem. Soliciting suggestions for replacement. Bone stock 1973 TX 650, housings are grey in color, twin cables, stock handlebars and throttle mechanism, original carburetors as is the rest of the motorcycle. Anyone with experience to share? MotionPro, Mikes, others? Thanks.........Wesley
Thank you for the reply. Probably will purchase more than one set as well - good to have spares. These are OEM cables so figure nearly 50 years in service is a fair life. Odometer shows around 19K miles so might make sense?.....
Often lack of lube and or water getting in making rust is the death of cables.
Just in case; new cables need to be lubed before use. I like to hang em (lightly clamp in a vice is quick n easy) use some electical tape to make a funnel add oil put a pan under them, wait over night. then install.
Got it! Scooter has been housed inside my shop for many years but appears to have had a fairly rough life B4 entering my orbit. No evidence of corrosion or rust but am not ruling that out. Will give replacements a good lubrication prior to installation. Thank you once again!.................Wesley
I made up a simple hanger for holding my cables to oil them. It's nothing more than a piece of aluminum angle with some slots cut in it. I clamp it to a shelf or whatever .....


I use only Golden Sprecto premium synthetic blend two stroke oil mixed precisely with WS2 power to lube my cables. :p

oil cables.jpg

Soft plastic lube bottle with a large hex nut in it to stir up the powder before using.
The cables on this early XS1 (had) nylon sheaths at the bend, the replacement cables do not, unless they are hidden inside the bend. :shrug:

*I use that oil cuz a two stroke I bought came with a bunch of it, forgot to send it on when I sold the bike.
won't use it in my saws.
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Installed the cables ( no carbs on bike yet). All fit good, matched the originals for length. Just a smidge less bend in the elbows.
Cables have been installed. Bend in metal elbows from throttle grip are tighter but don't seem to be a problem. Lubricated with 90W gear oil prior to installation. Nice to have a properly functioning throttle once again. Might have a bit of a cable routing problem as idle increases when handlebars are turned left to full stop position. Otherwise all appears good.............................
idle increases when handlebars are turned left to full stop
This is an issue with both stock and aftermarket two cable set ups. Think I'm on cable routing try #4 on the 70, Weathervane
I end up with the left cable adjustment barrel, 5/16" of thread showing the RH barrel fully retracted.
I'm fighting a rich idle issue on that 70, that I don't think is cable related. I've gained quite a bit after fixing a slightly bent choke plunger lift bracket. But may trim a bit off the RH cable sheath so I have some more slack adjustment. Need to measure but think the cable mount bracket on the carb bodies may have a slightly different drop left to right side.