'74 TX650 Build/misadventure


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Salt Lake City, UT
Hey all,
New member from Salt Lake City, by way of Milwaukee.
I picked up a project two weeks ago. From what I can gather it is a 1974 TX650, odometer reads 5,000 miles but who knows if that's correct.
No tank (scrounged a later model one from a scrap yard, red for extra HP) no seat, no side covers, bars are tweaked, front rim is cracked (shame as the are both DID front and back) engine was tight, but a good soak freed it up with the bonus laughs of spraying my house with a 10' stream of marvel mystery oil. Pretty excited to sort her out top to bottom and get this bike back on the road...or the dirt we'll see.
I'm sure I'll be asking lots of questions along the way.
Had a new key cut, and printed an FSM last week.
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Looks like pretty good mufflers on it - they are hard to find. Apparently the 74 TX 650 was one of the lowest production bikes in the series I am told, you have one of only 12,250 made that year. Too bad the stock colour was so uninspiring.
Remove some brake rotor bolts, ( the three that don't align with the three holes in the cover) use a long drift and you can tap on the back of that cover.
Edit 3 -2023 Better late than never?
Caught by others in t his thread, this only works on later hubs with through drilled bolt holes, the early hubs have blind bolt holes and a drift inserted from one side can't reach through to the other side to loosen the cover.
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That may not work. The early hubs had blind hole disc mount bolt holes. A quick glance inside the hub flanges will tell you. You'll see the holes if they're the through type. That 2nd disc mount hole cover you've got there is the highly desirable alloy one. It polishes up real nice .....

Yeah, unfortunately I discovered I can’t access it from the back.
I thought it might be that, but I didn’t want to get too excited until I got it off the hub. scored an early style speedo housing with it as well. I’m planning to swap it all over to my shouldered alloy rims for a little extra bling.
In the “planning phase”, also know as obsessively hunting down parts I may or may not need. Regardless, found some very nice Koni shocks for cheap, and a TX750 swingarm to boot.
Pretty stoked.


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XS750 swingarm and Koni dial a rides! Sweet. I have 7610's on my SG. One of the better upgrades.