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2nd post here guys, so I just picked this up and want to swap out the tank for a more bobberish type, couple of questions, 1 the standard tank has 2 peacocks and most of the bobber tanks have only 1 line of fuel, is that going to be a problem? Also what measurements should I keep in mind when checking for fitments? Anything else I need to keep in mind when doing the swap? Thank you


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For me it was refreshing to see a stock Standard tank still on that hardtail conversion......might be the only one in the world.

In regards to the petcock, you can split off of one petcock to feed two carbs or reconfigure the inputs on the carbs to be fed by one petcock to one carb and then share that feed internally to the second carb, which might work, should work unless you try it and it doesn't.......welcome aboard!
Bobber with clip-ons. I like it. And really, with this set up, the tank kind of works. If you're set on changing it, seems like width and depth of the tunnel would be a consideration. Mounting points shouldn't be hard to adapt. No personal experience here but I'm sure others here can help you with that. If it were mine , I'd leave it alone. Have fun.
Some of the "bobber" tanks require drilling and welding bungs into the frame backbone to mount properly. If you provide pics or links to what you have in mind, we may be able to help further