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Hi Guys,

Mufflers, is there some where in Oz we can get them?? And im in NSW does anyone know if I could get away with Hotdog Mufflers? Seen an awesome XS on the net from OS and they had a set of steel hotdog, looked the goods, would they comply with any noise regs??, I have to get a blue slip with the bike. Also Im not big on everything XS yet only had the bike a week, New ignition, PMA, New 34 mikunis, with new header pipes, what would you put on the end of them.

I doubt hotdog mufflers will do the trick, if you need to get db tested your best option would be to run the standard pipes (or something close to them) for testing.
You can then upgrade/change once you have it on the road. Possibly consider something you like the look of, that has a removable baffle for later use.
Again with the vm34's, they are an excellent choice of carb - but will need to be tuned correctly. If they are going to db test you they will probably emissions test as well..???
Pamco & PMA are some of the best upgrades buck for buck that you can do.
P.S. There will be suppliers in Oz, I purchase 95% of my parts out of the U.S., if you are looking fo cheaper copies of the original exhaust system try Mikes XS
for parts. They have most everything you will need.
Thanks Hotdog.

I kinda knew that, I was just hoping.:)

The carbs are already on the bike, the ignition and PMA as well. I had the bike running yesterday, and was running horribly, popping and farting, and couldnt get it to idle properly, I was thinking, just get all the bits I want done, and then worry about tuning.
I like the shorty reverse cones as well, ill look on the net today and see whats avaailable. Is there any one in perticular you deal with that you havent had any issues with?

Depends what the db limit is for the test, personally I have a Gordonscott system on my bike & could not be happier. Previously I did have a set of drag pipes - far too loud, makes you a cop magnet & the bike did not run properly and was a bitch to tune.
After fitting the gordonscott system it runs perfect & is way quieter. I am running one of his 2-1 high pipe systems with the little reverse cone megaphone that he sells. Technically probably not db legal, but waaaay quieter & better running. (you could slip a small baffle into one of his systems for testing & then remove afterwards).
There are cheaper systems around, like the drag pipes - I suggest you spend the $$ & get a system worth having from the get-go. Let me know if you want a photo e-mailed + there are heaps of photos on his site.
Wedgie, get rego'd then change the mufflers, or are your originals shot?

I'm running mikesxs stainless headers and Trojan classics shorty mufflers, way too noisy so I made a baffle plates that do the trick, still has a crisp note. I got away with classic rego with this set up.
I have XS Hotdog Mufflers on mine, Failed Road Worthy test, Put HD Hotodogs on ran shit but passed DB test. Swapped back to XS hotdogs which are loud!

In Vic DB levels vary depending on age of bike also, most inspectors don't know this until you shove relevant paper work in their face and then they look it up in the book under their desk they never open.
wedgie,,,,,,, you could try ,,,,trojan motorcycles in sydney,,, he uses paypal as well ,,,he,s got an actual shop as well ,,, he seems good ,,regards oldbiker