All the "21 inch front wheel" swap/info in one place

does somebody make a 36 spoke 21inch that looks like the 18 inch rear and 19 front special rims ? with the sharp edge on them..
like this ? :
is that the infamous "rain catcher" style? I want a 21 front and possibly a slightly wider 18 rear... big enough for a 450-18 or 500-18 tire.....
Never heard of that term, but I bet they do catch rain.
But i'm sure my bike will never see any rain, people invented cars for that kind of weather :) The tire on my rear is a 400-18 Avon safetymaster.
well, I got my 21" Akront Hi-shouldered (rain-catcher) hoop on ePay! Now I gotta order up a set of spokes... are the MIKESXS spokes of good quality? I was looking for a set of natural (NOT polished) stainless steel spokes and nipples ... I don't want super shiny spokes.. and I might see about getting the nipples anodized to match my paint scheme.
Poverty, are ya sayin the rm250 has the 17mm axle and can simply take the place of the stock 19in? Would be super cool if so, want to run a 21in bit was gonna run a dna springer but its 4in over and don't wanna cut it down, like to run a nice 21 on stock front end without a ridiculous amount of mods
That's what I'm tryin to figure out, really wanna throw a 21 without a million mods, there has to be an easy way, lol
i have yet to see anyone talk about having a stock 64 spoke wheel. which mikes does have a 21 for. however I’m not too sure how it would to look. pricing it out to be built and trued is not even close to being worth the amount of money that it cost’s. any suggestions? any other info around here dealing with this same issue?
I think that putting a 21 inch rim on the stock XS650 hub would be the best bet, Not hard to do and you know it would fit an XS650 fork.
so if i'm trying to run the 21" front wheel with the akront high shoulder rim, should i buy this one that is just the bare hoop and then get spokes from mikes:
...or should i go for this one that is already spoked:

Get the shouldered Akront one and re-spoke it to an xs hub to get a great looking setup.
Any updates on the 21" Conversions……..

How many are running brakes and how many just spool??

How successful have your conversions been?

Did anyone ever do a axle or bushing mod?