Attempt #8 Bleeding Brand New Brake MC and New Caliper/Pads

On my 73 Honda CB350G (first year of the disc brake on these bikes) when I rebuilt the master cylinder and caliper I used a vacuum bleeder and while it worked initially, it would pull to the bar the next day until I pumped it up.

So, after many, many, many attempts I used the zip tie with master cylinder turned to highest point for multiple worked like an absolute champ!

In fact, it worked so good, I did it to my Harley Road King that used to feel spongy at times as well...again, worked like a champ!
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I bought this bleeder on Amazon, priced right, and found it to be like a god send.
Just could not get a 1978 with aftermarket lines to pump up no matter what I tried.
I was dome in a few minutes with this tool.

Yeah I have also used a Mightyvac with good success,
And I also bought, but never used, a syringe set up, that allows you to force brake fluid through the caliper and up to the master cylinder. You would have to have another syringe or a turkey baster or the like to withdraw fluid from your master cylinder and be careful not to overfill it.
So... I just got back from Europe and left the brake zip-tied overnight once more and yet still this brake gets spongey once rolled. Is there maybe an issue with the caliper? Might have to just replace all the parts again because this doesn't seem normal!
Hmmm; a Mike's MC and an OEM caliper......if I had to pick a culprit (esp. if ya replaced the caliper piston seal), I might pick the MC:shrug:
I have not read through ..bu I had problems with stock 1980 brakes ...disk ...both front and back
I filled up where I could --- and pumped and pumped and pumped and pumped and pumped and pumped and pumped and pumped
and pumped and pumped Open the nipple and closing continued.

Maybe some neighbors started drawing small circles with the finger at their temple But eventually I got it working.
Getting air out and a firm brake
I have used several of the rebuild kits and I have a heck of a time getting the system bled. last one I just gave the original parts a good cleaning and it’s the best braking bike I have now!