Broken choke feed tube...


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When I pulled my carbs apart the choke feed tube was just sitting in the bowl.. Do I need this for the bike to run or no.. Anyway I can fix it?. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
Is it this pickup tube?


Without it, the choke on that carb won't pull fuel from the bowl, just air. If your bike starts reasonably well, you could go without it.

Otherwise, this is a good craft/restoration project. You'd have to make a new tube from brass, crossdrilled to match the original aeration holes. Then, carefully bore out the remnants of the old tube, and press/glue the new tube in place. Use the other carb for reference...
Alright appreciate the feed back. Didn't need the choke before but I will try and find some brass tubing that small.. Any idea where I could get some?!
Maybe a hobby store. They have small brass tubing but an exact size may be a problem.
It broke flush with the bottom. You think I could take what's stuck in the carb and glue the other part in there? Might be a 1/16th smaller but would that work?
You can make a lot of things work, so maybe.
My best advice is contact gggGary and see if he has a carb set he would part with.
Or watch the classified.
Getting a bit creative, I suppose you could fit a reinforcing tube inside the originals, at the break, and jbweld them. Best if it's a snug fit, and no blocking of any passages.

If you feel this is out of your league, maybe you could find a local hobbyist machinist...
Thought about jb weld but didn't know how it would hold up with being in fuel all the time..
Without some sort of reinforcing, it won't hold very well.
Here's an example of a reinforced repair on a float bowl's broken overflow vent:


Being a hobbyist machinist, these kinds of repairs are easily done, take it for granted, and I forget that some folks aren't in that arena. I'm sorta at a loss as how to fix that outside of my shop...