BS 34 carburetors

Post #8 page 1 I posted a pic of my carbs that showed the different setting for each pilot screw.

Been a while and many pages later.
Yes Sir Sorry about that I confess this has been a bad performance by me.
I have never had much carburetor problems over the years 4 - 5 times over 40 Years

.So I Tried to find electrical Problems for to Long --The proverbial " Lost in Space " .. Where one can use a different Methodology . At least when having done it many times And on an old bike with substandard wiring there are electrical problems ( Everything is a problem ) I had a weak old battery for starters .
One can measure and try. If not working try something else. The quick fix Use parallel wires and Whatnot.
And then when I found the Carburetor Problems I did not clean it Properly ( Had No compressed Air then )
And then started to adjust .and shift Jets without reading the manual. ( Could not start it on one Cylinder )

A learning curve here ..Jump in and try to fix it was not the right method. This Time
Fingertip ratchet .CAR boot sale 3 $
Sometimes tools can be pretty Or do I have a defect between the ears , .No pretty tools back in the seventies .
Good quality tools but no one bothered making them shiny or flashy perhaps high end was available and for Fine mechanics ,,
But I have not seen such
I don't believe this is old 80 ies or so Nor extremely High end .. Which would be step less which this one is not -- Fairy good though It has the rounded bits Ball head hex bits so one can use it at an angle
Spotted Painted Metal casing though I have Impact screwdriver from 80 ies with the same type looking metal box



In the process tweaking the mixture screws and moving the needle
For mixture screw a flathead bit 2 inch long ( 50 mm ) is good to have But these are hard to find buy.
On the way out .Cant buy them.
I was at a big hardware store For professionals He did not have them for sale either .
But he had a personal stash in a shop metal drawer. Believe it or not he gave me 3 x
Made me happy.
I have read the manual Now
Clip is in the third slot from the top Still a bit rich at full throttle coughs at 4-5 a little .
But I believe I will keep it for now.
Second slot did not work at all.
Having that bit and the wrench for spark plugs i adjust. Out on the road. If i need to

Fumbled again in the last owner segment ..All of a sudden white plug on the left side.
The hose for opening the petcock was cracked at the connection at the back and broke off. Probably been cracked a long time

So if you see those bits it can be a good idea to buy a couple. Having available Here they are disappearing .
I Painted with yellow paint on other things .So I also marked bits with paint One side of the hex yellow So one can se better how much turned
Some Hints that can help someone

Get the JIS screwdrivers or bits. ( Not so Expensive ) $ 10 $ 15 $ 20 $

When trying to lose a screw pay special attention so that the tool is exactly in line with the Screw
NO Angle in NO direction NO way and No how EXACTLY IN LINE
That is not so important for all screw heads like Hex or Allen have tools for angles or slotted screws even

Push the screwdriver inwards hard -- In my case as much I can .Perhaps holding with the left hand on the back
And then try to loosen it Pay attention so it does not slip trying to come out of the slot + .If it slips Stop immediately.
Reevaluate considering other methods heat lubrication or so. Impact tool but again -- EXACTLY IN LINE
pushing inwards
About my favorite tool for carb screw and jet removal is a T handle holder for my screwdriver bits. With it, you can push down really hard and turn at the same time .....


Some really crusty jets I managed to remove recently. I used penetrating oil and heat to aid in the process .....