Building a Type "B" Regulator Rectifier from scratch 1981 XS 650


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Hi all Hope you are all well,
I Spoke to gggGary and asked if it would be better to start a new thread going through the process of building a Reg/Rec Type "B" using the components pictured below. in the second post.

I have fitted a solid state Reg/Rec to my Bike and it works well charging @14.5 Volts but i want to build a Reg/Rec with seperate components as a project also. it will be a learning curve.
I feel that being a total novice, newbee to electric this may help me and others attempting modifications or future builds also.

The plan is I will add Photos of the parts i have got and the the experts Gurus and sparkys who know thier stuff on this Forum can chime in and help and support me through the wiring process and construction or the Reg/Rec.
My bike is a XS 650 1981 which came with stock points mechanical advance UK model 3L1 engine.
I fitted a Pamco electronic ignition along with a seperate electronic advance module. plus a Mikes Xs High Voltage coil pack and HT leads.

All the best Funky
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I have made a Mounting plate fron 4mm plate a Ali which will act as a heat sink and base for the Reg and Rec. (Pic 5)
For chaps in the UK i found it difficult to locate a Regulator Type B in the UK which is what I needed for my bike, I had to order it from USA but as you can see its made in China .

looking at picture 3 (counting from the left) , the 3 terminal component, is the regulator Type "B" the shielded terminal is ground I think and is connected to the ground trap on the base of the component as seen in the picture ( The flat metal strap left of the 3 terminals). I checked this with a Multi meter and it is conected using the continuity setting by touching the multi meter probes one on the ground strap and the other probe on the shielded teminal i got a continuous tone.

My first question is the 2 terminals on top, connect to the lefts side of my bike to a 2 pin connector (Pic 5 Counting left to right ) Just like the combine Reg/Rec i currently have on the bike which has 2 block connectors a 2 pin and a 5 pin.
The Green and brown wire. (Pic 5), how do I identify which wire goes to which terminal on the regulator I.E which is Voltage in or Voltage out
All the best Funky

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