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tadaaaaa......butt naked frame!!!

I guess I should start a build thread instead of a ton of update ones. Prob not the coolest or creative bike ever but these are the first.

So yea gonna be trying to build 2 bikes a 78 and an 81. Mine is the 81 and a buddy owns the 78.

The pic above is of the 78. it was already chopped up when we got it but we tore it down to modify it/ do a lil paint.

Plans: (subject to change)
paint the wheels
new seat!
possibly do a 2 into 1 intake
and a few other things here and there

few pics


and this is how she sits today in the attic of the barn (the shop)

My bike isn't really anything special just an 81 with an old Harley 175 dirt bike tank on it


200 rear
2 under springer
21 incher up front
apes or drags
....um yea thats all i got so far

dropping the frame off to be hard tailed this weekend, I have been thinking about maybe a 2 inch drop with a 6 inch stretch?? :shrug: Im 6' and gonna need some sort of a rear seat for the gf. thoughts about this one frame experts?

oh and heres the blank canvas
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Im not sure what that 78 is, the PO did the frame. but if you tell me how i can figure it out I can check when i get out there next
lil update...the 78 is up and running. I went to visit some friends this weekend and dropped off the 81 and 75 for frame work. Met some pretty cool guys who all have kawi 750s or 650s all bobbed and chopped and numerous other sweet bikes!

Since sunday I have had the 78 out getting all the kinks out of it for my buddy and it has been exciting/a huge bitch to say the least. I rode about 60 miles back to school on monday and half way it started to down pour...no rear fender = puddle of shitty road water down your crack.:banghead: Also learned that this chain tensioner bullshit has got to go,new seat is a must, and this is one bumpy ride cause i already broke my rear tail light bulb. Other than some lil shit its been great, everyone keeps asking what it is or why I didnt buy a crotch rocket :laughing: Ill try and grab pics soon
well no real new pics since some of you may have seen the 78 got sick and start puking haha anyway here are some pics



and then this one...messed with it on some program a lil but anyways....
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That last pic is cool.. Also, not sure what you're doing to add those pics, but you're getting the
thanks man buddy of mine took that following me to the gas station cause I thought I was gonna run out of gas....I did haha

Not sure about that img thing, Ill check into it though
Thank you crash, one of three that we are working on.

We ended up finding a guy to straighten out the 75 frame we got that was already hardtailed but tweaked/crooked/ jacked up. He just called yesterday and it's all done so some more pics should be popping up. :thumbsup:
On the 6 inch strech. Im 6 foot and have a 5 inch strech I think its plenty. But if ur goo.g for a big tire it might just work out!
Thanks for the info, I figured out that my buddies bike has a 6 inch stretch and I like the riding position on it. Im not a really big guy but I think that with the stretch and the fat ass the bike wont look small with me on it.
ok small update guys, no pics yet sorry.

Well due to the oil seal and pushrod crap on the 78 and some shit with where our set up was me and my buddy (the another member) decided to move to our own place. Its a little smaller...(12x12 :banghead:) than our old place but its way closer! takes maybe 5 mins to get to the bikes now instead of 20-30!

With all the moving of parts, bikes, gathering parts, money, trying to just FINISH A BIKE TO SELL...its been getting a bit much :shrug: so I am hoping that our new location will help keep things a little more contained and not such an effort to get out to the shop! pics soon to come! :thumbsup: