Buzzy's revival: '82 Heritage Special

Long Socket ??

Using No chain guard at all =

1/4 or 3/8 drive QUALITY deep 6 point 12mm socket (not an impact socket) will get it loose, use a battery impact gun and you won't need to use a screw driver hold the adjuster from turning.
worse comes to worst grind the end of a socket a bit so it can reach fully onto the flats of the nut.
I had some time so I went at Buzzy's clutch adjustment again. Inused my leatherman's neddle nosed pliers to get a good bite on the nut and was able to get it loose.
That muck is lithium grease I had applied after cleaning it last time.

The nut is off.

I flipped it as you guys told me.

I adjusted the screw till I felt it was hitting the bar as the video said and tighten the nut down now with a box end wrench. It is amazing how easy that is now...

Now then, the clutch lever adjustment seems to be missing a larger thumb nut. Am I correct guys? Should there be two?

I also cut away the broken chain guard. I could not get to the forward bolt without removing the back tire.

I did tighten the chain though.

I was told a long time ago when I asked why my kick start kicker would not engage that the clutch was not adjusted correctly, well, I kick started Buzzy on the second kick.

My test ride seemed better than ever for the clutch.

I still have to deal with the inner stuff, but for now, Buzzy is back in action for daily duty.

Once again gentleman, thank you for your sage support and advice.
Your female worm is still mounted backwards. The metal shrouded part shouldn't be sticking through the case like that, it should face in. Your cable adjuster at the lever is correct. It's only supposed to have the one knurled lock nut. But, the adjustment is turned waaaay out. That's not good. Either your cable is stretched or the adjustment at the worm isn't right yet (tight enough). You should remove as much freeplay from the cable as possible with the adjuster at the worm first, then finish up at the lever. It should only require a turn or two out. When you do the worm adjusting, you must have the lever adjuster turned all the way in, putting as much freeplay as possible into the cable. Then you use the worm adjuster to take as much of that out of the cable as possible before moving up to the lever to finish.