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Single Fins and Twin Cylinders
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Anyone out there know what this bushing is called? And possibly where to get them?

I’ve searched for a few days. Every combo of hardware,bushing,rubber mount, motorcycle,exhaust you can think of and I got nothing.

Well, I got stuff that kinda looks right but size wise it’s way off.

I will make something if I have to, but buying these would be much easier.

That particular mount is for the steering damper on the TS250.

That one is ok, but there are 2 more for the exhaust that are toast and I can only find them used (blow out as well). They are part of a larger bracket which i’m trying to rebuild.
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Whatcha got there?
I replaced some XS bushings with sections cut from braided rubber fuel line and plugs cut from rubber sheet.
kinda looks like a bushing that would be used to isolate automobile steering components.

Gary for the win! - kinda.

Your suggestion brought up these.



Almost perfect.

Maybe machine half a mm off ID, cut to length and I’m good.


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A bit off topic remark. Rubber can be machined in a lathe - but only really cold. I have seen it done with liquid nitrogen drip. Not difficult, if you happen to have the equipment and a Dewer flask of the stuff. Needs caution though.
We used to make Okie traction bars from the shock absorbers rubbers. Use a torch on the steel for a second or 2 and the surface goes liquid, they push out with little damage. Yes, not to the topic, but also can be useful. My brief time as a Midas Muffler man 60 years ago.
I'm not exactly sure of the history, but I believe that in the UK they were first patented by Silentbloc Ltd, as an alternative to greaseable spring bushes, as used by Land Rover from 1948 onwards.
BSA used them for the swing arm pivots on the early A50/A65.
Obviously any patents on the design expired a very long time ago
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