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Brigham City, Utah
Oldskoolcarbs rebuilds motorcycle carburetors and does all versions of Mikuni CV carburetors used on the XS 650's. BS Series I, II & III (ie BS 38's & BS 34's)

Contact Info. Rick West - Oldskoolcarbs, 1536 Glasscock Road, Rock Hill, SC 29730

email: phone: TBA


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$235 rebuilds includes shipping back and re-jetting can be paid with money order,check or thru paypal,, rick that price is for the bs38 and bs34...

All of our carburetor projects begin with complete disassemble and inspection. Parts are checked for damage or wear. Diaphragms are checked for tears, holes or cracks and are repaired or replaced as needed. Rubber components are separated from the rigors of blasting media or ultrasonic cleansers and hand cleaned as appropriate. All o-rings are replaced. Fuel valve seats and needles are cleaned and polished or replaced as necessary. A variety of cleaning technologies are used including ultrasonic cleaners, media blasting, pressurized air and solvents systems together with many types of hand operations in cleaning and polishing for smooth and rapid movement of components for faster and better throttle response. A great deal of meticulous hand crafted care goes into our Oldskoolcarbs and it shows.

Special attention is given to all fixed and removable jets, flow circuits and flow testing. Carbs with natural finish
are often media blasted and polished. If painted, metal etching primers, ceramic coatings and oven curing are employed. All hardware is polished and clear coated. Carburetors are then re-assembled with new stainless steel socket head bolts, inspected and synchronized via bench testing. Many times this synchronization proves to be spot on after installation. Minor adjustments may be needed however with the motorcycle in operation.


o Clean, flush, de-rust and/or coat your fuel tank
o Purge or replace all fuel lines, petcocks & filters
o Take all steps necessary to prevent re-fouling with dirt, rust or contamination

Contact me/us (Rick West) at Oldskoolcarbs via private message to discuss desired carburetor service specifics and obtain an estimated price quotation, position in our line up and period of time required in
a tailored service purchase agreement. then.....

You will receive progress updates, potential needs for change of service, progress reports and notification of completion
together with invoice for total net amount due for parts, labor & return shipping.

Shipment will be made upon receipt of payment. PayPal, Personal Check or US Postal Service money order.
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Just sent mine off last week for a rebuild at oldskoolcarbs. Super nice guy to deal with and is very prompt with email communications. Considering the amount of detail he puts into his rebuilds, I feel like his price is very fair. Can't wait to get mine back!
Question: I looked at all 17 photos on your photobucket page and couldn't see where the gas feeds into your carbs-- isn't there supposed to be a T where that clear plastic line joins the 2 carbs together?
Look at the picture right before your post....that's a similar BS 38 type II, the two vertical brass inlets are fed by one line each from each of the two (right) and (left) petcocks. The "cross over" is the yellow fuel line joining the carbs after each is fed by a line.

The two carbs fed by a single petcock, (one line to a tee) in the later years with BS 34's. Sometimes called "tin tops" 1980 SG and later. Blue
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Inquiring minds and all, may I ask what one of those sets cost? If I need to ask.......