Chopper Axle Plates (Hardtail Axle Plates)

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Bobber33 shared some pictures in his latest build thread on a good method to attach the axle plates to the tubes. Draw a line down the center of the tube and cut a 3/8" slot on the inside of the center line.


After welding, the outside will look like this:

The inside will look like this:

There are many other methods to attach the plates, but this is the one I like best when using the stock XS650 wheel and stock axle plate spacing. This will help avoid chain clearance issues.
Hey guys, I have plenty of these in stock! Let me know if you're looking for a set of axle plates for your next build. :thumbsup:
Travis do you have a site up yet?? I def need a set of these this week so I can mock up my tail, I have a '74 and the ends of the stock plates are open, thinkin this shouldnt make a difference tho
No :eek: been too busy/lazy.

Send me an email at with what you want and your zip code and I'll send you an invoice that can be paid with a credit card or paypal account.
travis, are you still around?? I need the axle spacers for the plates.. thanks. also sent you an email..
Yep still selling these. I'll get them out to you soon as we discussed via email. Thanks for the order.
So does that mean your hard tail kits can come with 1" axle plates?????
:DI have a busa wheel that wants to go onto a Hard tail.....
Travis, website looks great. I'd be interested in buying mounting tab set "c" for shock mounts unless you suggest a better option. Also wondering if you might start selling frame slugs soon?
Thanks! The mounting tabs should work great for shock mounts. I have no plans for frame slugs. I use sleeves for the hardtails I sell. What diameter(s) are you looking for? Email me at and I'll see if I can help.