Clear alternator covers, Ready to go!

Hi Paul,

Yours did go out some time ago, and should be on te way, At the same time, I'm not quite sure how long things take to get to the uk from Canada. If you think it may have gotten lost in the mail, I'm more then happy to send out another to you.

Fire me off a PM with what you think is best! :thumbsup:


And on that note, I have some more covers in stock! Get your order in before they are gone!

Make a great Christmas stocking stuffer :thumbsup:

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It's safe to say mine took ten days to get to me, so I would guess about two weeks Paul. Most stuff from the west takes at least 10 days to get here.

It's probably stuck in customs wondering what de heck it is!!!HA!
Yay first post hahaha.
I just bought my first bike, no pma on it but was wondering if this cover would fit over the stock alternator? If it will, I live in Duncan I'll be home from work in a week and could meet up with ya. Definitely support the welding school idea, I'm a j-man welder myself now contracting up north, any questions about the process I'm sure I can give you answers
Have you worked out how to etch the tuning fork logo into these?
I have an idea to sink some leds into the aluminum and side light the cover to make the etching glow. Lemme know?

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Will these fit with stock parts?

Sorry for the delayed reply Grader,

It works with the stock parts if you put a couple of washers underneath. Only for good measure as it
does clear the stock alternator, but is close.

As for the tuning fork, at this time I am not doing any etching. Using Yamahas logo is a copyright infringement and no matter how small scale it is, I'm happy not messing with them. Hope that answers the questions!

With that being said, Etching one of these yourself would be a wicked project and I'd love to see the results!

And with that, From now until the 31st,
I am offering free shipping world wide on all covers! So get yours today!

Thank you everyone :thumbsup:

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Here's what I did to your cover!!:D


I'll post a pic of it on the bike when I get round to fitting it.

Thanks again Tron!!:thumbsup: