Clear window alternator cover?

Wonder how these will hold up with all the vibrating. Especially with the hardtails. The screw holes likely will break since they are so close to the outer edge.
That being said, when are they available...
I hope in not butting in or anything, but I will have some flat ones for sale in te next couple days.

Due to some recent bad luck, I'm in need of a little extra funding so I can finish my build and get through welding school!

Again, I apologize if this is cutting in..
I'll try and get pics up tomorrow, should be available by Sunday. I have been workin on these for a little without realizing LDMC was as well..
No worries bro! I'm being dicked around by the machine shop I normally go through...the want to water jet the lexan and that need to be out I'll keep plugging away at it but it may be a little bit...on the flip side if any one wants there's etched with the logo.... I can do that in more flip side...Tron I'll take a couple of these when your done lol.
Just call a call from my lexan fabricator.. we have now moved to ''within ten days.''

Looks like I jumped the gun.
Im offering free shipping on all orders, world wide until Dec. 25!

Get your order in quick!!

Thank you to everyone who has purchased one or more so far!

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