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I have a 1973 TX650 based on frame and engine number and am deep into the engine rebuild.
However, i am now deeply confused, and obviously didn't take enough care observing when stripping the bike. The clutch should have 7 fibre and 6 plain plates, the earlier XS1/2 had 6 and 5, but mine has 7 and 5 and fills the clutch basket perfectly!! That is the plates finish at the top edge of the basket.
I am wondering if someone has fitted and earlier clutch basket to this TX or if the haynes is wrong, but i've never seen 2 fibre plates together.
More info. 5 of the friction plates measure 3.05 and 2 measure 3.55mm.
I now wonder if someone added 1 extra fibre plate instead of buying a complete set?
The springs measure 34.9mm cf std according to haynes of 34.6, wear limit 33.6mm.

Should i just put it back as it was? i am sure i can buy 1 extra plain plate but worry the last fibre plate wont have complete engagement in the clutch drum, or run it as an XS1/2 with only 6 friction plates/5 plain, but use correct specification new friction plates??

From using the search function Pre -74 bikes had 3.5mm plates and post had 3mm plates, looks like previous owner mixed and matched.
I'm assuming i need to revert back to 3.5mm plates and only 6 of them, and that the haynes is wrong reference the TX model year, cheers Ian
Are we talking a shifting running non slipping clutch bike before the tear down ?
I remember there being ( at least ) 3 different clutch setups with some differences in plates
If it was me I would try to check that it is the stock clutch and all the parts are there washers and so
Quite many parts
Then go for a stock clutch rebuild with new springs