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Hi all,

My friend told me about this community…Would definitely appreciate any guidance on this new problem I’m tackling - right side cam shaft housing oil leak. I have oil in the housing but mainly coming from behind it. Patched up tappet cover leaks but this one lingers and is far worse than when I started. Other housing is dry

93210-45150 O Ring
93102-25090 Oil Seal
256-11146 Gasket

I haven’t buffed the camshaft with a scotchbrite pad which may cure the housing leak inside. However reassembly with different gaskets and O rings, sometimes with sealer doesnt stop the flow. Done it four times four different ways now. Oil seal flush with back of housing, actually a mm further out one time. All using the parzilla parts listed above.

I don’t know how to proceed. It dripped only a little on long rides before I tried to fix it. Now it flows oil when the bike has warmed up. I put the seal flush, the gasket on back and the o ring around the back of the housing on top of the gasket.

Do you get the housing screws real tight or just snug them? I’ve tried both
Leaks with or without Yamahabond
Oil not overfilled
As far as I can tell the bearings are pushed in as they should be.

Should I rotate the housing? One corner of the screw hole triangle has rubber on it and I leave that at the bottom right where the PO had it.

Am I missing something? Any more ideas? The amount of black gold coming out each time definitely making me feel helpless

Thanks for having me here & making the read!

Edit: 83’ Heritage Special
I am not able to help but some others will offer good advice. Mine is to post some pictures if possible. That usually helps quite a bit, as the members here have eagle eye.
The cam surface that the seal hits must be fine clean and polish will do it
The O - ring can jump out so pay attention if I recall right i used a little grease to hold it in place
I use Permatex on both sides of the gasket pos 35 old habit ( and will get a scolding for it here now )
surface on both sides flat and cleaned
Be careful so the seal lip enters onto that above polished cam surface not cutting it at entering
And ensure it is there
The 3 screws tightened step wise a little at a time and paying attention to above O - ring and seal .
Normal tightening torque or slightly more --- and a retightening after a while is normal

Taking this out of memory can be wrong ..There is a grove in the engine where the O ring sits don't think it hits the gasket
the rubber

Dont know what that is the flat gasket should hit flat surfaces

screw hole triangle has rubber on it and I leave that at the bottom right where the PO had it.