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Hello all,

I'm posting this up to inform you that there's a new option for front fork performance. Jamie Daugherty of DMr has prototyped an emulator system for the 35mm XS forks. The quality is top notch and I've personally used his emulators in 4 of my motorcycles over the years with amazing results!

Here is his website: http://daughertymotorsports.com/ as well as his spring company Sonic Springs: http://sonicsprings.com/catalog/index.php?osCsid=28ef3b792a39d4945977597c3dbc3338

He can be reached directly at jamie@daughertymotorsports.com

Please let me know if there's any other questions! Hopefully some of you can benefit from his parts, they REALLY transform the front end.


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From my dealings with him in the past, he is cheaper than either of those. On other bikes of mine that use more standard components (VT750, GL1000, VTR1000), I've been fully into one of his front ends for less than $300 (springs, emulators, fork oil, shipping, etc.). I cannot speak to the XS price as I simply do not know and my pricing to help aid the development was not the same as standard production pricing. He responds quickly to e-mail's and if you fill out one of his quote request sheets, he can get you a quick turnaround on a price.

Also, for anyone that has other bikes, please reach out to him about SKF fork seals (the XS does not have available options unfortunately). They are THE BEST fork seals you can get, providing decreased stiction and better sealing than anything out there. I have them on every bike they fit on and they've all made a big difference.