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For Sale - Delkevic Header

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Snikare, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. Snikare

    Snikare XS650 Addict

    Brand New Delkevic Header for sale. I have had two of these because I thought I was going to need to chop one up for the creation of a unique header system on my bike. Turns out I didn't need the second set. So now I have a Brand New set of headers intended for a '79. I believe it will fit anything from a '74-'82 xs650. I can send pictures of what they look like, however they are still wrapped in the shipping plastic they came in still. I have pictures of what the other set looks like on my bike.

    I'm looking to sell these for $200 I'll include shipping. If you are in the California silicon valley area I will gladly meet you somewhere to hand them off personally.

    Feel free to ask any questions.

    I've loved having these on my bike and am still using the other set on my '79. They produce a good growl, and make for a good start to a custom exhaust. The stainless finish is really nice.

    20150904_174444.jpg product5645_4.jpg
  2. GeorgeOC

    GeorgeOC XS650 Junkie

    Hello, is the exhaust header still for sale? Thanks
  3. Snikare

    Snikare XS650 Addict

    Sorry, it is not.
  4. GeorgeOC

    GeorgeOC XS650 Junkie

    No worries, thanks!

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