DIY Reg/Rec. 5twins and Jim

The current fed to the rectifier has already been regulated by the regulator. The rectifier's job is to change that current from AC to DC, that's all it does.
Sorry for the crappy photo, my phone was almost dead.

About 3 1/4" x 1 1/4" X 1 1/4".

I use a Chrysler pack-o-cigarettes style regulator. The three leads at the bottom are coming off the stator, the output of which is controlled by the separate regulator. The negative lead goes straight to the battery. The positive lead is going to the main lug on the top of the starter solenoid through an inline fuse. The red crimped wire attached to the ground lug is a separate ground lead to the regulator, since it is attached to the side of the battery box which is not grounded.

There is ample clearance to the bottom of my cafe style seat pan, I don't think it is an issue for any others either.

I have read through all 3 pages of this thread and its very educational. I need to know on a type B Rig how is it wired as im thinking there must be a differance.
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I've been searching for this post for days. BEST EVER! The "Part B' section kinda puts it back to stock with modern parts.
I’ll be needing this info in the spring when I resurrect my ‘76 XS650C - the redoubtable Lucille :yikes:
The quick test to see if regulator issues are at the bottom of this rats nest is to supply +12 to the hot brush (temporarily, for testing only!)
with the bike running and revved a bit that should give you at least 14 volts. This test is covered in the factory manual excerpt JP provided.