Engine and Brake temperatures


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So what is considered safe temperatures on the xs650

Engine temp?

Brake Temps? Reason I ask is I had a brake overheat and seize so I've been checking it a lot recently. on an 84 degree day I had 124 degrees today when I stopped riding.
As for brake dragging, after a ride, can the bike roll easy if you push it while sitting on it? If it dont roll easy then to much drag.

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How in the hell did you do that? Ride the brake. Any idea on the maker of the smoking pads. Brakes should not get that hot normally or aggressive riding. Like CDNTX650 said the 650 rolls easy. How did you fix it or did it fix its self. Had to be dragging bad and not releasing
If its a disc brake that's dragging, either the master cylinder is dirty in the bottom of the reservoir, or the caliper piston is not retracting. Caliper needs to be taken apart, and cleaned thoroughly. New piston seals likely required for the caliper, as its the elasticity of the seals that allow the piston to relax back slightly.
After putting the motor back in the setting of the forward controls was off. Must have been dragging because after a short 1-2 mile cruise at 30mph I noticed them smoking rode a block home and they froze in the driveway. I stuck a fan on them and they unfroze in about 2 min.

Readjusted the brake but now I'm nervous about it. No dragging anymore. Didn't even drag when I left the first time.

Weird situation.

Any idea on engine temps?
Are you wanting head temps? Oil temps?
Search head temps and there are some old threads. If you can't find them here search the 650rider site. John and several others did some exhaustive documentation on the difference in the temps of the left and right head.
There are some oil temps in the thread about dogbunny's temperature dip stick.
If you want new dated info last night at 1:30 am with an ambient temp of 67 degrees my oil temp was 230. Sunday in the thick of the awareness ride a bright and sunny 91 degrees it was running 280. BUT this motor seems to run a higher oil temp than most.
Most seem to find a 210-230 the norm IIRC.
Its easiest for me to check head temps. i have one of those pocket IR temp guages from when I used to run RC trucks. Very handy for tuning bikes.
Like I said there are old threads documenting head temps with a handheld infrared.
Expect to see a difference of 20-30 degrees with the right side being hotter.
Some say it is because the right side is wet and the left dry.
Some say it is because of the way the front end sets in relation to the motor(wind blockage).
What ever the reason, John's re-tapering of the right needle brought the temps in line with each other.
On your brakes, do you have a good return spring on the pedal. without just the weight of the pedal can cause the brake to drag.
The spring seems good. I need a screwdriver to get it on. Maybe i'll order a new one just in case. Brakes aren't something I want failing on me or especially my wife since its her bike.