Engine cutting out / dies on throttle

Yes to that .The facts seems to be there .Low charging Voltage
There are service manuals on line how to do it -- Please work it through


One can do it as Paris Bruno says ..But with low voltage there will be problems later

Clear understanding is not always possible nor rational try to find It can take a long time and a big effort.
Take fex Electronic Boxes there are readers for codes and so but if the code is there and the manufacturer says it is fried.
One can believe that

One can of course try to find the fault try opening the box -- back in the day it was done an $ 800 control unit for a CAR
a TV repair man could repair for $ 20 manufacturers were scolded for it.
But these days it is to small no marked components and so .It can be done .But not for everyone

But in this case who knows why it is possible to start after a While is it the battery that recovers Is it the cooling down of the Cylinder.

I would test the choke out also the plugs looks lean It would run fine with far sootier plugs .
I think I would richen the mixture . Later on
I've been busy with work but have an update:

I charged the battery this week, but on 1.5A it only took about 45 mins for the battery to fully charge. So it seems like it wasn't dying from the battery losing charge. I kind of think it's just a wire somewhere that has a bad connection, there are a few dodgy looking ones in the headlight so I'm going to go through and fix that. I've replaced the fuse holder, it's still a glass one but that should be fine. I'm not sure why the brushes have a 2V drop from the battery, it's a new regulator rectifier, so that could also just be some dodgy wiring somewhere. Anyway thanks for all the help! It's charging better which is great but I'll keep looking.