F4i Front End Swap / need R6, Vstrom and Bandit 1200 measurements


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I'm working on swapping out forks to CBR F4i 43mm forks. F4i forks are readily available, they are lighter, stiffer and are cartridge forks instead of dampening rods. I have been working on cross referencing stuff for a while now. And would like to make another post with all the info I've gathered later.

I need the following measurements from R6 (03/04) any Vstrom I think they all had 43mm forks? and Bandit 1200
- Triple Tree Offset (here's a link to help you calculate that with the triples on the bike)
- Width Between Forks Or on center measure of forks
- Head tube length
- Steering Stem Length

So heres what I've done so far:
I found a list of 43mm fork bikes, then cross referenced all those with a list from the all balls racing fork swap list (Big fuckin list to sift through!). If you haven't checked it out, you plug in your bike model and it will tell you what other bikes steering stems can fit and the bearing kit needed to install it. You still need steering stem length and other information to really get it done.

Then I started making a spread sheet with more information similar to this one here

My initial goals were:
- Upgrade to lighter stiffer cartridge forks
- Find a triple tree that had aluminum upper and lower clamps
- Install floating single disc brake
- Be a bolt on swap so others could just track down parts and do the same thing with no machine work on the cheap.

Its looking like I might have to get an XS steering stem pressed into some 43mm clamps if these three bikes don't pan out.

Thanks for the help it you have those bikes to measure.

The information in this spreadsheet is from a lot of forums, so take it with a grain of salt and shout out if you see something wrong.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 7.07.32 PM.png
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Didn't mean to post that spreadsheet three times...

Here are some of the sites I've been using to research this swap and related information

Steering stem bearing kit match

Fork Diameter List

Rake Trail calculator and other info

Fork Length List

Search Brake Rotors by Measurements

Interesting Read on Suspension
Went to a salvage yard and found r6 and vstrom triples to be wider than I was looking for. Somewhere around 160-165 between forks, I'm looking for 150mm.

I grabbed a bandit lower triple that is 6mm to wide at 156mm between forks, probably won't work but I'll confirm that later. I might end up pressing an xs650 stem into F4i triples. I wanted an aluminum lower clamp, but that's not looking hopeful.