Feedback for (650Trader)

Couple more questions....

Did you use torque cones at the engine flanges in this exhaust or no?

What sort of jetting did you go up to if you recall?
Yes, I have these.

I also bought Exhaust Port Optimizers from 650 Central.

The engine is still on the bench. I will use BS34 carburetors breathing through stock airboxes. I'll start with stock jetting. That's the plan.
Well, last Saturday I purchased from, a set of 1 1/2" chrome replacement pipes and a set of their 1 3/4" stainless pipes (with torque cones).

Received them today (Friday), well packaged and just as advertised.

Man, those stainless pipes are beefy too!

Very pleased with my purchase. đź‘Ť

Now I think I need to buy those stainless exhaust cone/megaphones from Niche Cycles on eBay before they sell out of them.

I'll also need to figure out a set of chrome cone/megaphones for the 1 1/2" chrome pipes to put on one of my Specials.