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There's a notice on the registration page says if I post a message the notice will go away. So here's a message.
haha! I didn't work did it? I should probably change that to say "once your post count is 1, this notice will go away", which would require a meaningful post in The Garage.
i didnt notice that message, but then, why would someone join to not post? They can lurk without joining. Suckin'up bandwidth I ass-ume.
Yeah.. it's just a notice to say thanks for registering and encourages the new member to post something. It goes away after their post count is one or more. It might go away after any first post (can't remember how it's set up). I guess 3-Ball will have to come back and let us know so I don't have to check.
or we could chase each other around on this forum. notice how my forum time and you forum time, inxs', and crash kinda seem to co-inside witheach other? STALKERS!!
well we stay up late and inxs gets up early.. Must be like 5:36am his time right now..

Angus, you're the stalker.... :poke:
- you stalking me bro? :cheers:




You know travis there should be some sort of rule against someone posting in the for sale/wanted area until they have 1 post or more. Something like that.
Yeah I thought about doing that.. but figured I would wait until it was a problem before implementing it. You don't want people posting garbage and stupid posts just to get the required number of post in order to sell something. It can be implemented pretty easily if it's needed.
By "wait until it was a problem" I meant when the classifieds are overrun by brand new members trying to sell their stuff, and the ads belonging to members who have been around awhile are getting buried.

It does not matter much whether a person has 1 post or 20 as far as how much you should trust them when completing a transaction over the internet. Hence rule number one of the Classifieds Section: BUY AND SELL AT YOUR OWN RISK! As when buying anything online, use good judgment and caution.

While I would hate to hear about someone getting ripped off from another member here, I don't think requiring someone to have a small number of posts before they can post an ad would really solve that problem. If someone is selling a big ticket item and they only have one or two posts, take that into consideration before you send them any money. Most people wouldn't even consider sending money to someone who just joined a forum and is trying to sell something of a considerable value.
Suggestions always appreciated! :thumbsup: I hope my responses didn't come off the wrong way.
Hello xs650dotcom I've made the big jump from 650rider. don't know what happened there but I guess this is where I belong now.

Also I wanted to take the time on a frivolous post like this to complain about unheated garages in late winter. stirrr-crazy.
Welcome duluthmuffler
Im with you on unheated garages, went out there today to do an oil change etc... but called it a day after just replacing the tacho cable, way to cold :(
Well I must say half of my garage is neither heated nor cooled. One half of my garage is my kitchen. The other half is my back yard. However, I am blessed with 69 degree weather down here in southeast TX.