First start after rebuild

Had it out yesterday, put about 35miles on it.
Seemed to run good.
I have the ex500 carbs 138 pilots 138 mains
Jjj needle in the fourth from the top slot
Pilot screws are 2.5 or so turns out .

Pulled the plugs
Left looks like pilot is good,
Maybe still lean on mid and top ?

Right one looks lean everywhere.

Going to clean them again tonight, just to see if something got plugged on the right one.
There doesn’t seem to be any air leaks anywhere.

And of course, I managed to blow a fork seal, so now the front end is coming apart again 🤦‍♂️



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Hello again,
Now I have a question about my spark plugs
I recleaned the carbs , new plugs
Same setup as the last post ,

Ex 500 carbs
Foam uni filters with the outer layer
Stock exhaust, opened up, (big spade bit down the length of the muffler.

Timing for each cylinder is right in the center of the f box
Valves adjusted.
Carbs have been synced
Major air leaks fixed.
first two pictures are new plugs with the 138 jetting on the ninja carbs.
I did drop the needle to its richest position.

Left cylinder looks good, right is off

Now another question,
My right cylinder is the one that I had to put the insert in to repair the plug threads.

That wouldn’t affect the plug coloration would it ?

When doing the dead cylinder test
I do have to riches the right cylinder to get it running better .
The left is fine normally done with the idle set to around 1500

Second set of pictures on the right
I tried 140 pilots at 2turns out,
Needles still at the richest position.
And 140 mains

It definitely felt better with the larger mains in the higher revs,
No matter how it’s set up it seems to act up between 2500 and a little over 3000.

Found and fixed intake air leaks,
Carbs were synced again.
I still have a slight leak on the right side at the choke plunger, I’ll hit that with some grease tomorrow.
And swap back to the 138 pilots. That 140 looked to be a bit much.?


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Went out and got some carpet padding and had some cover material that I’ve had here for awhile,
And made myself a big ole dirt bike seat , sorta


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Got the bike out for a 3 hr ride with my buddy that has a klr.
Surprisingly I think the xs actually did better on the mountain roads.
Granted my buddy has only been off-road a handful of times.

On the road they seem to be pretty even as far as acceleration. Higher top speed on the xs though.

But the bike ran great ,
Mileage however came in around 37 mpg

Should it be expecting better than that ?
Considering the way I have it set up ,
I weigh 260 , and I have a heavy throttle hand. Some of the time .
Maybe more than some of the time 🤷‍♂️.

Planning to put more oil on my filters and try to lean out the carbs a tad.


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Put a foot between you and the dinner table... :D(I am 220 and need to be 30 lbs lighter) As your friend gets better, do NOT try to keep pace with him. If he is a good friend he will wait at the next stop sign or intersection . Riding to enjoy the ride is wonderful, riding to keep up with the crowd is dangerous.
Always ride at a pace that suits you.
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