First time tx650 750 cc bratstyle build


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Kansas City Missouri
So this is my first time rebuilding a motorcycle. I've done some work on a 69' camaro, but not on a bike. So I bought a 1974 TX650 that was big bored to 750 cc of cragslist a couple of months back. It was in pretty good shape but need some work. So I've been working on this bike for a while now but I wanted to share what I have done so far. To start out I did the basic maintenance to a bike that is 40 years old. I cleaned the carbs, adjusted the valves and timing then I tuned the carbs. The guy before me cut the mufflers off so I ordered EMGO shorty mufflers and had to use a pipe reducer to attach them. I also got some black turn signals and a chrome speedo from Dime City. I had to make a mount for the front signals by making a steel rod fit around the reflector mount and threaded the other side for the turn signals. I also made a custom seat out of 16 gauge mild steel, shaped the foam and had it upholstered.


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So here is what it looks like now. I also forgot to mention the battery box I made for my Shorai small ass battery. I am planing on getting new rear shocks and doing a shorter rear finder and light. I've been looking at Hagon road shocks, but I was wondering how people like them. I would like to have Ohlins but I don't have that kind of money right now. So let me know what you think.


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Looks great, the rear fender I wouldn't shorten.It looks great the way it is. Classic taillight good tag location. Flows well with the seat. Sell it to me.
Here are some new pics with the new shocks and bates style tail light. I took off the ears that held the fender on and made a new bracket for the fender to attach to. I still need to adjust the fender so I get better clearance, but it works for now.


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I thought they were stock, its similar to a dirt bike handlebar but will out the middle cross bar. Now looking at other stock xs's they don't seem to have as much rise as the stock handlebars do.
ok. I recently got a '74 TX650 also in the cinnamon brown. The high stock handlebars will be the first to go once I get her running.

Good-looking bike you've built there.
The bars are Eurosport bars. I have a set on mine. Looks like you won't be need the tail light. I would like to buy it. Send me a PM no sense letting it collect dust.