Fork Tube Binding

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So I'm noticing that one of my fork tubes is binding. The tube does not seem to be bent nor is there a burr that is providing drag or somethin like that. Anyone have any ideas on how to get this resolved?
This may be a dumb answer but have you taken them apart and changed the fluid yet? If not I would start there. They come apart pretty easy. And the old fork oil smell you will love:D
Once apart get it on a flat surface and roll it to see if it is really straight. Not that I would know how this could happen but even if it isn't bent now it may be oval where some PO straightened a bent leg in a press. A cast iron table saw makes a good flat surface that isn't to hard to find. Even if the legs are straight a triple clamp might be twisted. have you loosened the triple clamp bolts and axle and moved everything around so it is all comfortable?
I have the triple trees off the forks and one of the tubes will travel fine. The other tube will not move freely. The caps are off the top of the fork tubes and there is no fork oil in the tubes. Ill roll the fork tube later today. I'm at shitty work right now and I'm dyin to get outta here so I can this bike on the road.
are the tubes and lowers separated? As long as you are this far might as well finish up the job and split them. Might be a good idea to carefully inspect the lower also, it may have been damaged or dented somehow. What year? I have extra fork tube assemblies. And the they are all over fleabay for cheap.
Okay, guys, got my sense of humor reassembled. Breahn, seems like you've found the problem. Another common cause of fork bind is pinching or spreading caused by the fork brace or fender. Be sure that the forks aren't being pinched together or pushed apart as you install the fender. Fork braces and tweak bars can be touchy. One unit I worked on with a Daytona brace needed exactly one layer of electrical tape around the outer half of the dust cover as a shim--no more, no less--for free action.
Ok, so its def the fork slider. Have the forks apart and the both tubes will go into the right hand side for slider. Right hand side if you're sitting on the bike. This is the fork slider that I mount the caliper on. So left hand side fork slider is the culprit. Both tubes get stuck about 9inches in. The slider had mounting brackets for the brake caliper and fender, but I ground them off. Not sure if I got the slider too hot and warped the slider? So, for now I'm goin to attach some sandpaper around the a socket extension and try to remover some material from the slider. If I'm fucked, my bike is an 81 and if you have a fork slider for sale and want to sell it asap, let me know. I have paypal!
My right side binds. I haven't yet taken it apart to check, but the forks are out of the trees and it still does it. Brake side, about 2 inches travel then STOP. I'll update with further when I get into them.
No bend in the tube, but about double fork oil came out when I pulled the plug compared to the left side. Oil came out clean, seals were still intact. Is it possible that simply over filled forks would do this?

The forks didn't stick, just bottomed early in the right side.

1978 standard.
Yes, I guess that's possible, but I would think they wouldn't readily bottom out with too much oil. In fact, they could blow the seal if compressed too much. That oil has to go somewhere.

You should probably disassemble the forks and clean them out. Forks don't get that hot in operation so all the sludge doesn't get loosened up and come out with a draining like when you change your motor oil. You need to swab them out to really clean them.



Fluid will not compress. It will reach a point where what air space you have reaches max compression and stops movement when there is no more mechanical leverage to compress the air.