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1975 B model. I have long running problems with the front wheel binding when castle nut done up any more than finger tight, with or without the brake calipers fitted. I also tried it with the wheel out of the forks using spacers to make the axle fit with the same binding up result.
I have changed the bearings to no effect, they seated with that satisfying "ting" you get when they are home. Internal spacer seems to fit ok, I have just bought a new spacer from Heiden Tuning which has just arrived but it's the same length as the 2 I already have! They advertised it as 69mm but it and the 2 I have (and one guy's on another forum) all measure 68.5mm which could be my/our digital Vernier's/me varying.
Right spacer is 20mm and speedo drive spacer is 31.25, I read it should be 31.75 but can't see this being a problem.
In the parts book the left bearing is 6303RS which is removable seal and right bearing listed as B6303. The bloke in the bearing shop (CBC) didn't know the difference and gave me two NTN 17-47-14 RS bearings. Is the difference just the seal?
That's a puzzler fersher!
Is the axle perfectly straight?
speedo; spacers, that stepped flat washer, the drive ring all straight, assembled in correct order?
Just swapped right spacer and axle, still binding. Don't have a spare speedo drive. All put together in order by 3 different books. Everything bears on the inside of the bearings, it has to be the internal spacing as the outside spacers have no bearing if you pardon the pun.
I would remove the bearings and measure from the bearing seat on one side to the bearing seat on the other. That will tell you how long your internal spacer needs to be and then you'll know if yours is too long or too short. I suppose you could have gotten a wheel that was machined wrong, the bearing seats either being in too far or not in far enough.