Gas Tank Trim


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The plastic trim on the front of my tank is broken and falling off. I'm looking for an alternative, and I'm wondering what folks around here have done.
After 40 to 50 years that plastic trim is either cracked, broken or missing entirely.
On a tank painted other than black it adds a bit of contrast. Probably was added to keep that edge from getting dinged and the paint from chipping. To me it falls in with the little plastic plugs that cover the Allen heads on the handle bar clamps.....nice to have but not entirely necessary unless your in a competition on originality.
I don't recall that being offered on any aftermarket parts sites.
You could paint one on........
Yes, automotive door edge guard works.
On my last XS Standard I simply pulled those chrome plastics off of my truck. Cuz who needs that on your 24 year old truck anyway .
I like to trim the tank, it looks great. The steel seam is usually uneven around the steering stem area and that trim is more pleasing to see. Those little clips hidden under the trim are needed so the trim stays put.

Yes, that’s the door trimming.
Be aware that automotive door trimming is held on with a sticky glue. If you fully trim the tank, where
the under side is exposed to the engine heat that trim might try to fall down. Stick it back up there a couple times and it should become secure. Better yet is to source more of those original clips.
I like the idea of fully gluing the edge trim on rather than using metal clips.
Trim fully glued on with adhesive won't retain water like something held on with a few clips.