gggGary's latest XS project "madness"

The brain trust is plotting the next stage in Madness' evolution.
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Now you 2 can get a cup of coffee together take a picture
I won't have to ask again if it's been photoshopped
After a steak dinner, and a good night's sleep, we had coffee and breakfast this morning and Jim's on the way back to KC.
He's welcome here any time!
Ahhh, the handguards threw me off... Do you still have the Buell? I gotta say that is a bike that's on my short list to own if the right deal came around.
Oh yeah! just did a "module" repair it's runn'n, funn'n and hoon'n better'n ever.
Like an XS650 it's a "REAL" mo'sickle.
Well this is embarrassing!
rear MC.JPG

I've been riding this bike off and on for twenty years. While doing "Jim created" work I pulled the swing arm for paint and a look see at the bushings etc. It wasn't til I was testing swing arm drop with no shocks attached that I realized why the rear brake rotor and pads showed more wear over the years than I would have expected, since this bike has a VERY effective front brake. I think this has been going on ever since a PPO installed the custom swing arm back in, oh the 1990's :doh:
It's not real obvious.... Like I said, didn't notice til I was running the swing arm through it's range up 'n down.
Don't have a definitive solution yet.
The rod doesn't touch the arm when the brake pedal is on the pivot shaft that's not the problem....
Kinda lucky it didn't cause a nasty surprise, though I did do a lurid rear wheel slide entering a corner when I first got it that I ascribed to a too old tire!
Jus' spitballin'....
Grind/mill a little channel in the swingarm for the rod to travel in. Swingarm is plenty beefy. A 1/16" or so deep trough cut from the bottom and tapering up to nothing.... wouldn't sacrifice any strength.

Idea #2.... put the pedal lever in a press and take a few degrees of bend out of it. That'll move it closer to the frame, so a little grinder work at that part of the frame might be needed, but again... we're plenty beefy down there.

#3... a combo of 1 and 2.... a little here, a little there...