Giveaway: Chop Source Frame Jig Kit! (ends 11pm CST on March 31th, 2016)

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Update: 4/4/16

And the moment you've all been waiting for... the winner is... chalupabatman! Congratulations!

Everyone else will be receiving a discount code good through April 12th for 15% off everything on! Thanks for playing!

Giveaway: Frame Jig Kit from Chop Source! (ends 11pm CST on March 31th, 2016)


This giveaway was popular last year so we'd thought we'd do it again! Same rules as last time.

Win a Chop Source Frame Jig Kit!

To enter the drawing just post in this thread! Existing Members Only! You need to have been a registered member before the date and time of this post to be eligible (this will be verified). All entries from members who joined after this post will be ignored. If you are new to the site, register today to be eligible for future member only drawings on

One entry per person (only the first post by each person in the thread will count). You must post before 11pm CST on 3/31/16 to qualify. The winner will be chosen randomly from the qualified entries. Shipping will be covered by Chop Source within the U.S. (members located outside of the United States will receive a $21.50 shipping credit). Winner may also choose to receive a $321.45 store credit ($299.95 frame jig + $21.50 shipping) to configure their frame jig with other fixtures and options.

The Standard Frame Jig Kit includes all of the fixtures and hardware you need to get your table-top frame jig started. You need to supply about 21.5' of 2"x3" or 2"x2" tubing (1/8" wall) for the the jig. The frame jig kit bolts together so you can break it down and store it easily when you aren't using it. No drilling or welding required except for the feet. The neck fixture will accommodate rakes from 15 degrees to 60 degrees.

You will receive:

Basic Kit
- Neck Fixture
- Axle Plate Fixture
- Two Base Clamps
- 1018 Mild Steel Neck Cones

- Feet Kit
- Internal Center Fixture or Adjustable Width Fixture
- 3/4" Threaded Rods and Spacers

Chop Source Frame Jig Kit - Standard - $299.95 value

For complete details of the Chop Source Motorcycle Frame Jig Kit or to view assembly instructions visit

Good Luck!
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Yes,Yes,and Yes. I would love to do this again and the jig would be such an amazing help!

Have the donor and ready to go !
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