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This is a simple, low cost mod/upgrade I do to all my 650s, and is much needed in my opinion as well. The large diameter main harness splits into two smaller (but still quite large) harnesses around the coil that run on both sides of the steering neck up into the headlight. Over time and from constantly turning the bars back and forth, these harnesses tend to sag, and eventually can start pulling out of the headlight bucket. So, what is needed is a way to support them, hold them up so they don't sag. Yamaha was kind enough to provide a couple of small holes in the gusset plate for the steering neck, one on each side. They are just ahead of the gas tank puck holders and directly in line with one another. Running a couple 8" cable ties through them is the perfect way to create this support "sling". I recently re-did the one on my '83 because I had the harness pulled up too tight on the right side, and took some pics of the process .....

First thing, you'll want to install some grommets in the holes. When I first did this years back, I didn't install grommets, and the cable ties broke in a year or so because the sharp edges of the holes cut through them. Now with grommets, they haven't broken since, and it's been years. The 5/16" size included in the HF grommet kit is the perfect size for the hole in the frame and it's I.D. is big enough to pass two cable ties through .....




So, here's the issue on the right side of my '83 I wanted to fix, the harness was pulled up too tight .....


On my '78, I had run the right side lower and that allowed the clutch cable to tuck in nicely under the gas tank puck holder .....


I'll continue with installation details in the next post.
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After installing the grommets, you'll need a couple 8" cable ties .....


Insert one through both grommets from the left side, the 2nd, on top of the first, from the right side .....



This will give you the male end of one cable tie and the female end of the other on each side. Spread them apart, stick the harness in, and connect them .....





Now it's just a simple matter of snugging them up to where you want them. The left side can be pulled up pretty snug, tucking the harness right under the gas tank puck holder .....


Leave the right side lower, to provide room for the clutch cable to lay on top of it. It will still support the harness and keep it from sagging .....


There, that's better, all fixed now, lol.
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Nice "fix". But you also might have clarified another "beneath-the-tank" question - clutch cable routing. Just replaced the cable on my '73TX which had been routed on the left side of the frame mid-rib. In order to alleviate cable cramping at side cover entrance, best position was on the outside of the intake side of the left carburetor. Didn't look quite right but made for what appeared to be smooth cable routing and operation. Will survey the situation again with cable routing on the right side of the mid-rib. Thank you for the unintended information......................Wesley
Well, originally, with the stock higher bars, the clutch cable was routed down the left side of the steering neck and frame. But I switch to lower Euro bars so to help absorb the extra cable length that generates, I route the cable down the right side. At the rear (engine) end, I follow the factory routing (down in between the carbs) .....

Clutch Cable2.jpg

Clutch Cable.jpg

Clutch Cable3.jpg
Got it! Just didn't seem right to have the clutch cable "exposed" on the outside of the carburetor. Can still operate the "choke" lever nearby but would be much better positioned between carburetors. Makes sense.............thanks.

If that “Special” length clutch cable is long enough after changing to low bars, running the right side all the way past and behind the frame back bone tube and then between the air filters to the cover is also a nice big radius loop in the cable.