He shoots, HE SCORES !! But what is it ??


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San Antonio, TX
Well I have been looking for a CHEAP engine to build, really wanting to do a re-phase with 5th gear overdrive, kinda wanting to do a 750 Big Bore but not so sure on that portion. While still being able to ride with the motor I currently have.

Any way I was looking on e-bay and found a guy that had 3 engines that he was selling for $100.00 ea, look at the location wow El Paso hummmmm I got in-laws coming from El Paso for my daughters b-day, so I send out a text my sister in-law agrees to go pick it up and bring it with her, SCORE !!!!

Bright and early today the in-laws, and my motor arrived.

Score A.jpg

Score B.jpg

The guy had them listed as parts only and locked up, to my surprise I put a wrench on the crank after removing the plugs and squirting some trans fluid in the plug holes 1 hr. later she spins over freely !!!!

I chose the engine with the larger breather on the head, I have also noticed the lack of oil sight glass, which don't matter, don't find them very appealing anyway. the motor number is stamped as 447-211412 which would make it a ???? found a chart but its about as clear as MUD to me, anyone wanna play "GUESS THE YEAR "

XS-1 oct 69-70 256 S650- 000101
XS-1B 70-71 256 S650- 007101
XS-1F 70-71 256 S650- 010101
XS-2 71-72 306 S650- 100101
POLICE XS1/1F/2 70-73 ??? ????
TX 650 (US) 72-73 366 S650- 200101
TX 650 72-73 476 476- 200101
TX-650A 73-74 447 447- 000101
XS-B (US) 74-75 447 447- 100101
XS-B 74-75 533 447- 500101
XS-C (US) 75-76 584 447- 200101

In any case I am SUPER STOKED !!!! :D
No locknut on the cam chain adjuster would also confirm that.
Yes, but you need the later plunger as well. It's about 8mm longer, which allows the adjuster screw to be 8mm farther out, which provides the room for the locknut.
Cool, will add that to the list of parts needed. Is there really much trouble with the tensioner going out of adjustment with the pre-lock nut models ?
It's not that it goes out of adjustment, it's just that there's no way to know for sure if the adjustment you just set isn't changing as you tighten the cap nut down. Yamaha must have realized the error in their ways. They had a locknut on the early models, removed it for a few years in the late '70s, then brought it back.
I saw that ad. You probably could have and should have tried to have gotten all 3 engines for $200. Even if locked the other two engines are worth $100 each if complete. Get the in-laws to bring them next time they visit...