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British Columbia
Just note to say hi to all. I am negotiating to buy a rough running 1973TX that is in good physical shape, smokes a bit, the present owner ( who seems very honest and knowledgeable) figures the valve seals have dried up. The carbs clearly need attention as it is rough running, has not been on the road for 4 years.

In previous years I owned a new XS2 in '72, and later on a '75. Looking forward to having the 650 twin to ride on occasion. This appears to be a very complete and organized forum so I am looking forward to joining in. By this time tomorrow there should be a new ride in the garage. :)
Hey mate,

I am from Vancouver myself. There are a bunch of us in town with XS's. Mine should hopefully be done by the spring. I just have to get my finger out and get it done.
Thanks for the link Carbon, that will come in handy, the bike fires on the first kick but is rough, it has sat for four years. Mechanically there is no bad sounds from the engine.

Spud I am over here on the big island in Duncan, I have to pull the carbs and clean them and the gas tank needs some descaling inside, have to do some reading up on cleaning the inside of the tank. Pleased to see that shop repair manuals are still available. Then the other stuff, should be fun.

I'm in Surrey BC & have recently purchased a crap pile 1980 XS650 that needs to be re-done. I'm new to bikes & have never worked on bike modifications, but looking forward to having time & space to work on it.
The blue one??

May I ask how much you got it for? I nearly bought the tracker project for a chop from that guy in Duncan but snagged an ironhead instead.

Im in Victoria!