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Hey dudes,

I'm fairly new to the xs650 world but have been riding for the better part of my life (currently own a 48 sporty bobber as well. I've owned this brat style 650 for a bit now and saw the community here and figured I'd join in. Seems like a decent lot! She's currently up for sale as I'm looking for a truck, but I'm not excited to get rid of her and haven't put forth any real effort, lol. Figured I'd make a little introduction post or something here. Anyway, heyo, and here's my Japanese fun.





Rebuilt motor: new rings, honed cylinders, lapped valves with new seals, all new gaskets and seals throughout, brass headwashers, PMA charging system, Pamco ignition, new advance springs, new XS Performance PWK carbs & filters, starter
block off, matte black finished block and heads with high polished cases & covers

Rebuilt clutch assembly with updated new 1-piece pushrod, clutch oil seal and new 'clutch push screw and housing' assembly, new 17t drive sprocket, new nickel plated o-ring 530 drive chain, 16" rear aluminum wheel with Mooneyes Starburst

16 x 5.00 Firestone Deluxe Champion tire, 23" front rim with drum brake hub and new Vee street tire, all new aluminum control levers, new cables, Ducati Brembo rear brake caliper with new stainless brake hose

Cleaned and shaved frame with custom modified rear frame assembly finished in a gloss black base/clear paint, new 10.5" shocks, fully rebuilt - shaved & polished forks with V.C. polished fork covers, Motolanna Aluminum upper tree, chrome

Clip-on bars shortened by 1.5", custom fabricated aluminum rear 'brat' fender, custom seat, narrowed tank

tri-finned aluminum headlight, mini 'tri-finned' taillight, PMA charging system & Pamco ignition, new Sparx capacitor (no battery), new 3 position key switch, new dual high-output coil with NGK caps

I did recently drop the dust covers on the rear wheel and have the mag standard.
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Thanks guys

The PWK's have been extremely solid for me. It does have dual chokes, but with a T line. So when starting, the vacuum will level the mixtures and you can use one choke to essentially power both. Some of the easiest starting carbs I've ever used!
Thanks hard. It's 51cm (~20") to axle, about 58cm (~23") to the tip. The fender really makes it look longer than it is.
Thanks Crazy!

I'd say go for it hard. It's not anything you want to sit on for more than a couple of hours, but it's sure fun for tearing through town.
I'm currently running a hardtail TT so i hear what you're saying about the ride. I don't mind it but you need those springy things on the rear for inspection. Go figure. One last question. Did you make the seat? If not where did you get it?
Thanks Diesel!

It's a one off seat hard. It's actually not stitched, but an embossed vinyl fabric that's wrapped with leather one the sides. It was a combined effort from a few people haha.

Fortunately, we don't have inspections down here in Florida. This 'ol lady wouldn't have passed without mirrors, signals, gauges and who knows what else is required. She rides surprisingly smooth for the sitting position, thanks to the shocks. But it's that position (essentially popping a squat) that'll get ya.
Im a big fan of that bike man, its solid!

Be sure to give a shout out to the builder when you post the bike up, Jay is a good dude that puts together some super nice customs!
I was assuming he was around, but I also heard that he's not doing the XS thing anymore so I didn't know if him and his peeps wanted the solicitation or not. I can't find a website nor a contact page for anything, unfortunately. Vintage Customs put together the build, for anyone curious.
Couple of the guys have asked for better pictures of certain parts of the bike, so I did pull it out for a photoshoot yesterday. I have a few more detailed shots for PM'ing but here are the general ones that may show a little more of the build.




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