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TwoManyXS1Bs, How many cans of paint do you shake in a day? Or was this one of those just for fun projects?

i was looking around to see if it was worth rephasing or not and found this post from twomanyXS1B's about a month ago..

Re: Reasons not to rephase...

Just got another idea, paint can attachment, paint mixing as you ride...

(talking about vibration from an xs)

maybe he shakes many cans?
TwoManyXS1Bs, How many cans of paint do you shake in a day? Or was this one of those just for fun projects?

Hahaha. Hey, Travis, yes and yes. It's not so much 'how many per day' as how many have been done, and how many will. Been wantin' to do this for years, finally got around to it a few years ago. I have this OCD thing about thoroughly mixing paint, and I knew it'd be the death of me...
Had an architectural engineer draw me up a set of plans so I could create this master piece of a wheel truing stand. :laugh:

Works great.

Last set of wheels I got down to 0.010 th laterial and 0.012 th radial.



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Nope, not enough ..... wood is for furniture and fences, not machinery related tools. I love Gary's wheel "stand" mostly for the bearing cups. The one I built years ago uses the axle and that's fine. I made one side adjustable to compensate for stepped ones .....



.... but still, bearing cups are the (best) way. I want some, lol. And I'll build a new wheel stand to match.
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Yeah it's stupid simple but how many times have you needed a carb float bowl catch pan or had gas running everywhere? And how nice is it to have one with a drain? Light colored bottles are best so you can see the junk easier but use a bottle with a flat side so the pan will sit on the bench without spilling is smart.
I use the plastic caps from liquid laundry detergent bottles. Small enough to fit under the carbs, big enough to hold a couple bowlfuls of fuel. Yes, a light color is good, shows the gunk better.
Cool Larry! What pipe did you use, did you do the plate cutting or have it done? Just got my CL 40 ton press "rehabbed" and in action. Now I need the jigs.

Wonder if well pipe will work?

maybe contribute your experiences to this thread?
crank rebuild thread
Cheesy, crude, oak "stuck slide pusher" Do not use anything metal to push stuck slides open. Get the carb good and warm, a hair dryer pointed at the throat for 10 minutes is good. If you use any kind of solvent; keep the carb upright, do not let it get near the rubber diaphragm!

carb tool 003.jpg carb tool 004.jpg carb tool 002.jpg

slide diaphragm stuck BS38 BS34 varnish gum gummed carb overhaul
The plate is 1/2" thick x 7". Slot in plate is 2-1/4". It was cut out by the guys at Texcraft in Lubbock. The pipe is 8" long and 5-3/4" ID x 1/2" thick. The press is my brothers 20 ton unit. It does not have a gauge on yet. Working on that. That slot on the pipe was cut with a plasma cutter. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
My engine stand for splitting the cases and a good use of a pool noodle used to protect the rods. Sorry for the sideways pictures still working on that one.


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... a good use of a pool noodle used to protect the rods...

I like that. I suppose a couple of pieces of foam pipe insulation could work as well. There was an urban myth going around in the shops in the '70s that if you let a rod 'ding' into a sharp corner of the case opening, that edge of the rod may fracture there later. So, just in case, was always careful to avoid that...