how about a thread on dual sport xs's

Not really an enduro, but a little scrambler-ish..

Drives really nice on the Pirelli's though, and makes a nice whine on blacktop :)

And i'm crazy about the song from the supertrapp!!

Engine is std so far..
I don't know whose bike this is, found it while surfing one evening. All I know is I like it. :)


i was just talking to my dad all morning about building a dual sport/motocross xs650 ..... this is gonna be a project for me one day for sure..... awesome inspiration
I don't know that I would stretch it as far as saying ours is a dual sport, but we did a Vermont Backroads bike (link to full build thread on ADV)



Looking forward to some spring riding!!


wow Vermont back-roads bike. That was where I was living when I built the first xsl bike pictured in the very first post of this thread. Just because 65% of Vermont's
roads are dirt.
Just happened across this while searching for something else.. Here's mine, but is about to go back under the knife for a handful of new more enduro-ey things.


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What the....? Almost looks like someone put an XS motor into an RD frame. No one would really do that, would they?

I can't remember where I saw the details on that bike but f I remember correctly they somehow shoehorned an xs motor into a DT frame or something similar.