I can't get any response from Pete, so here is Pamco question 10001


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I have a Pamco unit I purchased a few years ago, sat in a box in the shelf in my house for a couple of years, so I'm sure the warranty is out.

Having said that, nobody, not me, not my mechanic, no one has been able to get it to fire, so I am going to order a new one since we have checked voltages and nothing seems to be coming out of it. I need help purchasing new replacement parts from Pete's site, and since he doesn't respond to email that regularly, I need you guys to help me out. Its sitting in the shop and I need to get the replacement part(s) asap.

I have a 1979 XS650 and it currently has a non-functioning Electronic Advancer and Electronic Ignition on it. What I have is exactly what is pictured in the kit below. In addition I have a dual output coil (not pictured).

I do not need all of the parts, so no reason to order one of MikesXS kits. Here are the questions.

Do I need the (blue box) Electronic Advancer (image below) AND the 'New Simplified Pamco Hall Effect E-Ignition System'(image below)? OR do I ONLY need the 'New Simplifed Pamco Effect E-Ignition System'? As I read the website, and as the picture states, the "New Simplified Pamco Effect E-Ignition System' includes the E-Advancer on the E-Ignition plate in one single piece.

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