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Wanting to tap the collective fab experience here for a mo:

I was thinking of making or buying some chrome or aluminum instrument visors - the kind that form a little "brow" over the top of the tack and speedo - mainly for aesthetic reasons. Some are full circle, while others are just the brow. None of the manufacturers give dimensions, though, so I was thinking of making a pair out of thin aluminum. It seems pretty simple, but I was thinking of conjoining them. The part I'm curious about, though, is how one would get that brow part shaped in that sort 3D partial sphere. I suppose I would not have to do that - they could be more like you'd see on a headlight visor - but it would be a nice touch.

Thoughts welcome!

More like this, Okie:


I'm not sure how I'd achieve that actual cupped part without special tools and skills, though.

That's a neat site, by the way!

Well, I couldn't find what I had in mind - I just wanted a set of uncomplicated, clean looking "early-type" cafe instrument visors - so I decided to make them. These have no "cup", but are more like a headlamp visor in style and execution, and are aluminum, as is the conjoining bar (for stability), though that's thicker gauge. They are very lightweight, assembled with stainless steel button-head machine screws, and will affix to the front of my bike's instruments (behind the flyscreen) with either automotive trim tape, or several adhesive-backed rare earth magnets or other small magnets, so they'll be stable but quickly and easily removable if need be. Also, they match the other small small metal parts I have made for my bike, such as the air cleaner shroud and the crank case reflector plate.

They are still a little dirty - I have to clean and polish them after taking care of a few details - but they fit perfectly and are very close to what I had in my mind's eye, contours and all. The shapes, including the arch cut into the conjoining bar, are all designed to echo the chrome base arch on my bike's flyscreen. More pics when they are completed and installed, sometime this week.



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Thank you very much, sir! A few hours on a weekend, a bit of sheet aluminum, and some noodling solves a problem. :)

More pics when installed. :)

Last night, I test fitted the visors, and they're perfect. I epoxied three 1/4" rare earth magnets to the back of each visor - one near each corner and one just above the machine screws/nuts - and they're very secure, but easily removable. Now I just have to hit the gauge bodies and the visor assembly with a little Maas polish, and reinstall. A few more pics forthcoming upon completion...

Final installation... unless I decide to place little plastic cushions in place of the center magnets, which did not adhere to the aluminum... not sure why. I have eliminated them for the time being, and the visors just lean snugly against the soft bezel of the instruments. I'll have to see if vibration affects the assembly, but it can't weigh more than a few ounces, so that's not likely, and the magnets are very strong.



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